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Use "The Secret" To Attract Wealth Into Your Business

Use The Secret To Attract Wealth Into Your Business

Are you earning as much income as you would like from your corporation, job, small business, or working at your home based business?

If not, you could use - The Secret - to create improvement in making money from your business efforts.

Look at your beliefs.

People’s attitude can cause them to miss an important opportunity.
Some viewpoints are not necessarily benefiting you especially if you came from a home with parents who experienced scarcity.

Many beliefs are just like junk software

They were picked up from parents, teachers and peers.

If you have the belief “that you have to work hard to earn money” -- then the Universe makes it true (that’s The Secret.)

You may have picked up other money beliefs from your parents, such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “Money is hard to get.”

As children we believe what our parents said and their patterns of “There’s not enough money,” got stuck in our emotional energy field.

It’s time to forgive our parents and move on. If you hold on to the past it will just pull you down. If there is no way to change the past, it is time to forgive them and yourself so you can move into the present moment -- the NOW!

By moving on… I mean for you to release those beliefs that are limiting your progress.

Simply make a sweeping motion with either hand down and out away from your body as you verbalize each belief and see it as already gone! (This secret method of clearing negative energy from your emotions has been rediscovered the founders of Laser Reiki) Next, focus your attention on positive aspects and/or your goals.

Pick one to focus one. Write it out and repeat it often.

How to Mainfest your corporate or home based goals:
  1. You write out exactly what you desire (“I want to make money in my home based business because it will give me joy and the freedom to spend quality time with my family, etc…)
  2. You put the statement in the present tense, as if you have already achieved it. (“I now have an increase in income and I feel so save, secure and blessed, etc…”)
  3. You read it twice a day.
  4. You visualized already having it and completing the project. You picture it as a “done deal!”
  5. Your job is to celebrate it as if it is already done!

Have you ever gotten stuck in bad feelings? When you are feeling bad, those worry and fear thoughts keep recirculating over and over in your mind. But besides that, you need to know, because of the way the Law of Attraction works, you are attracting more of those same bad thoughts back into you life simply by focusing on those problems. It is a vicious circle and you must get out… by focusing on the opposite of the problems.

Despite all of this past programming you still have free will. If you decide that your beliefs are not benefiting you (or causing your life to be too hard) you can choose other things to believe in and different thoughts to think. It’s that simple!

By choosing to think uplifting and supporting thoughts your beliefs about success in your home business will also change.

When the beliefs change… the outcome changes.

With this information you are creating new beliefs about “Attracting money with ease”.
To support your new direction toward even more love, joy, friendship, support, money, success and prosperity -- you just need to keep your attention on these uplifting words and feelings.

If your need extra help you might want to take a self-help class, a prosperity course, or get a self-esteem coach.

Check out these four resources and directories for education in this field:,,, and These four websites help us make all this free information available. Please go there and click the ads for great resources.

The Law of Attraction is “The Secret.”

It will deliver outrageous prosperity in your home based business right to your doorstep… when your energy is properly aligned.

It is called a natural law because it never varies. The Law of Attraction always delivers exactly the same. Ask and you shall receive.

What you think about -- you get!

Where you put your attention -- there you are!

It does not judge your experiences -- it only delivers. It will yield to you your loftiest dreams... when you are in alignment with them.

It says, “Your wish is my command!”

But, Beware! The Law of Attraction will deliver your fears a lot easier and quicker! For some reason it is easier to think negative thoughts and align with them than to think positive thoughts.
If you’d like the full story I invite you to check out our new e-book: “Triple Your Home Based Income… By Using Two Secret Words.” It’s 86 pages of details and exercises based on using The Law of Attraction.

Replace annoying mind chatter with a positive statement, such as, “Thank you, God, for even more of these positive thoughts -- of freedom, love, joy, success, abundance, and prosperity in my home or corporate business!”

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