Friday, October 20, 2006

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The Secret Of Prosperity At Home Business

Entrepreneurs Are Using “The Secret”

Using the Natural Laws of the Universe for your corporate business or even for your work at home prosperity is the easy way to go.

Attracting your abundance has nothing to do with will power, strength or determination. When you understand the ease with which these tools work you will be amazed!

The Secret Enables You To See Possibilities

Let’s take a look at -- where you want to go in your home business and how to go about getting there with ease... using this tool:

Understanding The Law of Attraction (“The Secret”)

You are already using the Law of Attraction in your life by default! That’s why most of us live the haphazard lives we have. Some people’s lives bounce from one extreme to another. It’s hard to keep moving toward your goal (if you have one) because your thoughts and fears are being manifested as well as your dreams.

The Law of Attraction is active in your life. It started shortly after birth, but you were never educated about its existence or how to use it to accomplish your goals. The correct information on how to use this law has been a closely guarded secret shared within tightly controlled groups down through time. These families are the multi millionaires - thanks to The Secret.

Not having your thoughts under your conscious control has resulted in the ups and downs that make you ask: “Why is this happening to me?”

The Law of Attraction means: Where you put your attention -- there you are! And that’s what you’ll get! Be careful what you think; your thoughts are creating your experiences as well as your home based business success or failure.

If you think or concentrate on what is going wrong with your business you will get more of that automatically. On the other hand concentrate and think about the parts that are going great and even more success in your home business is yours automatically.

Meditation and prayer are tools to help you to clear the mind, the body and the spirit. I’ve found two unrelated resources to help you on this journey at and

Your Mind Was Programmed When You Were A Child
Your beliefs, attitudes, and where your attention flows have been programmed since you were a small child. Those thought forms might have put a limit on your success and the amount of money you can make.

Your parents gave you their story about life. It doesn’t make it true or false; it’s just their story. They got it from their parents and their life experiences. It’s usually a very limiting belief program unless your parents were very wealthy.

There’s a lot affecting your home business life at the emotional level. You may have picked up financial failure patterns from our parents.

If you look at your own job success and compare that with your parent’s financial earnings, you may see a pattern. It could put a cap on your income. Limiting beliefs can blind you to a good opportunity.

Blueprint For Success Or Failure

Did you inherit your parent’s blueprint for earning lots of money or to experience scarcity?

Most of us have our parent’s blueprint on how much money we may make and we can’t excel much beyond their level of success. It sounds weird but some of my clients have this problem. This is even more proof that our minds are programmed as children to only make enough money to get by.

Your ability to attract success in your home business can be as simple as rewriting your blueprint announcing that you already have even more income.

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