Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is the Feeling of "Not Being Worthy" Holding You Back From Success?

Did you know the thought of "I'm not worthy enough" is a common problem of over 98% of the population.

Yes, almost everybody has an issue with low self-esteem. Along with not feeling worthy is the feeling of not being good enough.

As an energy healer I have found this to be the No. 1 problem in the people who come to me for an energy healing. It is the major blockage in achieving the success you desire in your life and/or making money in your home business.

It can be cleared.

When people feel they don't deserve wealth or abundance in any area, they don't attract the good opportunities that are out there. They might actually attract an opportunity that turns out to waste their time and investment money.

People who feel unworthy have trouble moving forward even when the door of opportunity is open. They're stuck and can do nothing.

They are the ones who complain about other people who have become abundantly wealthy.

They also make up lots of excuses to justify how life has done them wrong, life is too hare, they don't have the breaks others have, etc.

If you see yourself feeling less than abundant then do something about it.

Everyday is a NEW day.

You are free to change your mind, change your thoughts and change your life.

What separates the wealthy person from the rest of the masses?
Feeling, thinking and doing the right action... This requires education to know what to do.

Make a choice to think uplifting thoughts.

You ARE worthy.

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Money Is Not Spiritual

"Money is not spiritual" -- Did you ever wonder who started this belief about money?

Who would benefit? (The money changers?)

Was it started to try to separate money from spiritual people ...or to separate spiritual people from money?
(What if spiritual people had even more money? Could they make beneficial changes in society?)

Think about this: Jesus did not come from a poor family.

Historical documents mention the fact that his family was actually well to do.

What spiritual virtue is there in being poor or not having money?

I can't think of any.

Can you?

Here's the belief (dogma) that if you are poor on earth then your next life you will be rewarded.

What spiritual good is found in sacrifice?

I remember hearing these words from my childhood: Suffer for god!
I never knew what that meant.
Do you see how that could help me in any way?

On the other hand if you have a wealthy life here in the physical world -- you may suffer or be punished in the after life. Spiritual marketer Dan Klatt says, "This belief is most often an effect of people's religious upbringing."

How does this common religious belief benefit god? It certainly does not benefit the individual.

Don't let outdated dogmas rule your life today.

Be unlimited! (I believe that Jesus wants us to live fully and "do great things!")

Release your power.
You're here to live life fully right now.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Money Beliefs and Your Bluprint for Success or Failure!

What Is Your Blueprint for Money?

Most people believe in lack and therefore they have
a horrible relationship with money.

What were you taught at school, by your peers, by
Your friends about money?

What did you learn while growing up "about having to
work hard for money"?
Did your environment/culture teach you "that money doesn't grow on trees"?

Ninety-three percent of the people have been
conditioned and programmed to fail.

They have a poverty consciousness.
Did you grow up believing you that money was
hard to get?

You and your parents have been taught to be poor
or middle class.

The blueprint for struggle and lack was imprinted
into your mind when you were young,
What money beliefs did your parents, grandparents,
aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters give you?

Name Three Money Beliefs:
1. _________
2. _________
3. _________

Did you grow up believing in scarcity and having to struggle to make ends meet?

Do you believe this negative programming is your fault?

No, it's not your fault. That's just the way it was in your family and society at the time.

There was nothing you could do – until now.

The cards were stacked against you. In a way,
you didn't have much of a choice of thinking that you
would have success and become wealthy.

Most people were the victims of generational habits and mental Programming.

Thoughts expressed and repeated over and over Become Strong Beliefs and get passed on through
generations like religions.

Have you heard yourself repeating these types of money beliefs to your friends and family?
That's scary!

Ask yourself a question: If you inherited a belief that "making money is tough and hard,
and you have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to be someone" -- how can it ever be easy for you?

***Your BELIEFS are dogmas that help lift you up or pull you down.***

You find yourself living down to your beliefs and making excuses for yourself when things turn out wrong.
Does life seem to make you work harder than others?I'm not sure about you, but I used to make things way more difficult than they needed to be.

My parents grew up in the depression era and it really hurt their self-confidence.
They passed this scarcity blueprint on to me I felt like I'd never get ahead. Do you do this as well?

I know children who were born into a family of aristocrats and old money in Panama.
They do not have a belief in scarcity or lack.

Everything is possible for them. They are not poor little rich kids.

They are secure in their being and have greater expectations for their life.

Now you know why the rich get richer. They don't buy into thinking that they are a piece of sh-t.
Their children's minds are not programmed with this limiting junk.

Most people are living with a belief system,
that's not supporting abundance, success and wealth in their lives.

You have to stop thinking that you are inferior workmanship.

This destructive judgment has to stop or it will keep keeping you down.


We're all in this together. There is no one better than another.

You make yourself better by the thoughts you allow.

You were born to be a winner.

You were born to be strong, powerful, whole and complete.

Take a good look at what you believe about money.

Where do your money beliefs come from?

An starting right now, what is one important step you can take toward your success?