Monday, July 07, 2008

Effortless Abundance

I thought you might enjoy: Welcome to Effortless Abundance! This Site exists becasue we are all connected to a source of unlimited power, through which all forms of abundance - monetary wealth, health, confidence, happiness, success - can flow to us all in an easy and natural way, through the action of the subconscious mind. Here, we discover how this works.

Here, you can find …personal growth, articles, products and support on topics such as self-help, personal growth, prosperity, wealth, abundance, happiness, investing and wealth acquisition.

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A note from Michael Miles...

"You are in the right place if, like me, you are passionate about the following things.

"First, you are passionate about personal growth. I believe that we should all constantly push ourselves outside of our own comfort zone. We should always be growing, always be moving.

"This said, I believe that the most effective and lasting change is organic, that we should work with the natural flow of things and never fight against the tide. I am especially interested in the way we use our subconscious mind to orchestrate our own experience of the world. I am convinced that we are, essentially, ‘pulling our own strings’ and that we can use the astonishing power of our mind to achieve just about anything through what has been called, among other things, the ‘law of attraction.’ The title of the blog, Effortless Abundance, tries to capture the essence of these core beliefs.

"Second, you are passionate about communicating. I was trained as a high school teacher and, although I have not taught high school for some time, my current job as a manger is all about communication, and the skills I learned as a teacher are all important.

"Third, you are passionate about creating wealth, especially through investing. I have been studying and applying the results of my research for some years, and I am more excited than ever about the prospects the stock market offers us going forward. One of my aims in writing this blog is to share my ideas about making money through investing in stock.

"I hope you enjoy the Site. Maintaining it is one of my great loves, but It takes time and money to do this, of course, so if you think the content is interesting or useful, I hope you will think about …

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Wishing you effortless abundance in all things,

Michael Miles