Thursday, October 19, 2006

Want A More Direct Way To Achieve Success in your home business?

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If you Desire A More Easy Way ...Why not
Let the Universe work for you?

Amazing how your dreams will manifest when you use the universal Laws of Attraction in your favor. You can get whatever you want in your life …including creating a profitable home business! The problem is that this system to achieve success is not taught to the general public. (It should be taught to us as children!)

Only a few people really understand and use these Prosperity At Home Business principles. I want to provide you with tools to help you change your life.

Natural Laws Have Been At Work All Along In Our Lives

Lots of people have never heard about these natural laws or much less use them. I remember when I did not know about them either. I constantly wondered about the ups and downs in my life for no apparent reason. One day all would go well and the next day it was like a dark cloud hanging over my head. Not knowing why -- made me wonder what was going on?

Finally, I came across various bits and pieces of information telling how others have used these laws to get what they want. I learned that ...not having them under conscious control resulted in being beat up by my own stinking thinking. Whatever I thought about with intent and focus became a reality. It really made me think about the quality of my thoughts and I learned how to change them.

You Must Learn How To Align Your Energy Toward Your Goals

I’ve found that wherever you put your attention or energy -- there you are!

The Law of Attraction takes you there and you’ll get what you are noticing.

That’s right!

Your intent (where you focus your attention) becomes physically manifested whether it’s positive or negative. An easy way to success in a home-based business is by cleaning up negative thoughts such as these:

I can't do this

Life is hard

It's not working

I can't see the money

The learning curve is killing me

There's too much work to do

First, let's take a look at where you are now:

  1. Your beliefs, which are formed by your thoughts and attitudes, have been programmed since you were a child.
  2. Your parents taught you to believe what they had learned about life. They did the best they could because they were taught about hardships and scarcity.
  3. What your parents taught you isn't true or false -- it’s just their personal experience, their "blueprint" for either success or failure.
  4. They inherited some of it from their parents and their life experiences, and so on back for countless generations.

If you have good successful mental tapes you inherited from your self-employed parents, then your financial success has a head start. Having a successful mentor is necessary.

Influential people in your life have all helped form your beliefs about life, and their influence affects your thoughts. All thoughts are energy fields. That is quantum physics – beyond the physical reality. The question is: Are all of these thoughts and beliefs benefiting you? Did you form a conviction that you'll succeed -- or that you'll fail if you start a new home business? Do you believe that you have to "work hard" for everything you receive? Did someone ever tell you "life is hard?"

If you believe these statements …they are the ones that are going to dictate how "hard you have to work" and you may never succeed at your home business.

Those that say "life is hard" and other negative words over and over will experience that "life is indeed hard."

It becomes a physical reality.

Nobody is a victim. What we believe forms our lives! It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We look at our lives and see disaster. We want a better life, but we keep looking at the disaster that we have created. As we look we are creating more of what we don't like.

How do you get out of the rat race?

How can you start trusting the Universe to deliver your dreams? (Do you have dreams?)

Did you learn to… trust in achieving abundance (having help from the Universe) or experiencing lack and having bad luck?

Think about this. Maybe some of your thoughts, self-talk, and beliefs are pulling you away from the success you seek?

I found I have some beneficial mental habits, but lots of detrimental self-talk and stinking thinking.

I began to make progress in my business as I cleaned up the negative mind programs (my stinking thinking).

This report explains it all: Report At Prosperity Tips

Comments welcome!

What have you found to be holding you back from the success you desire?

Do you have a technique that works?

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