Thursday, November 27, 2008

Humans Are Powerful Beings

You are powerful beings, and when you do not exercise your power, you don't take it very well.

  • When you're not loving you don't take it very well because you are a lover!
  • When you are feeling out of balance, you don't take it very well because you are enormously balanced beings, and when you don't thrive you don't take it very well, because you are meant to thrive, and at the core of your being you are a stable basis of knowledge and well-being and when you deviate it because of the ATTENTION TO ONE THING OR ANOTHER, you don't take it well.

Friends, you're not supposed to do well in the feeling of negative emotion.
Negative emotion is your indicator that you are out of balance. Doesn't it give you relief to know that you don't have to modify the behavior of your wife to feel better?

Doesn't it give you relief to realize that you don't have to change the world in order to see the world the way you want it to be?

Isn't it reassuring to you to understand that life is good and getting better?

Negative emotion means you've expanded and you're not letting yourself go! We always put the emphasis on the 'you've expanded part' ....Art of allowing is letting yourself be by deliberate choice of your thoughts and words and behavior, it's letting yourself be a closer match to who you really become. And when you are not doing that, you want to blame everybody, because it just feels rotten to not be who you really are. But don't lay it on their doorstep.

It's an inside job - it's a vibrational job - it's an attitude job - it's a mood-able job - it's an energy job - it's a I wanna feel better job,.... it's an I can control how I feel job!

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