Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Power of Feeling Good --Learn The Secret of Prosperity

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Here's an important article about maintaining
a constant state of feeling good (as shown in THE SECRET)
in order to attract more success into our lives.
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The Power of Feeling Good
by Song Chengxiang
All rights reserved
Today I am going to share a powerful lesson that you can use to immediately achieve any success you want in your life. And I promise you that if you do what I suggest you do, your success is guaranteed.

You will have everything you want in your life and enjoy the total fulfillment that you deserve. Remember this... there is no limit to what you can have, be and do. Every thing you can imagine, you can achieve. And you are going to find out how to do it now...

Feeling excited? Let's play a "what if" game. What if you could ask 100 of the most successful people in the world whether there was a single magic secret to success? What if they told you there was? What if they all gave you the same answer? Are you willing to do what they suggest you do?

Well I don't know what they will tell you, but I do know, from years of studying the most successful people, that there is one single most important factor that contributes to more of their success than any other factors combined, and anyone can use it to achieve his success no matter who he is, or what his current conditions are.

You must be eager to know what this secret is. Let me tell you now.

Listen Up!

The single most important factor for successful people is simply feeling good.
If success is really that simple, then why are so many people struggling?

That is a good question. We have been taught that in order to achieve something, we have to suffer first. It has been said, no pain no gain. But I tell you this ...That is ABSOLUTELY false.
Look at the life of a highly successful person. Is he suffering, is he struggling? If he is, then I can assure you that he is not successful in the area that he is struggling against. He may look successful in a certain area, but very unsuccessful in others. Have you ever seen a multimillionaire who is suffering from bad health? Why does that happen? He has all the money he needs to hire the best doctors in the world, why is he still suffering from ill health?

Here is what's really happening...

He is highly successful financially, because he feels really good about himself in the financial area; he is unsuccessful physically, because he feels bad about his health.

The point I want to make is this. If you notice someone who is extremely successful in one area, then you will be certain to notice he feels great about himself in that area. He has been conditioned to feel good in that area, just like most people have been conditioned to struggle in some areas of life.

If you are still not convinced, perhaps you can think of it this way. How do you define success? It is certainly not just about setting a goal and achieving it. That is important, but it's only part of the story. Success in my definition and in most successful people's definition is about enjoying a state of well-being in every moment of our existence. It all comes down to a state of feeling good.

You may not agree with me, you may consider success as having a million dollars in your bank account; you may consider success as being famous as a public figure. Then let me ask you a question: "why do you want a million dollars?", or "why do you want to be a famous person?" If you think hard about this question, you will find that all you want is simply to feel good.

Here is the big mistake that most people make. They think they are going to be happy once they get that million dollars, they think they will be happy once they become a superstar. But when they reach that goal, they feel a moment of excitement, and finally they realize that that is all there is. And then they set a higher goal, and wish they will be happy once they reach that goal. They will never be happy as long as they don't change their approach.

Then what is the right approach?

Since your ultimate goal is to feel good, then why not choose to feel good right now? How do you do that? It is simply by choosing to feel good at this moment. It is as simple as that. People have spent great amounts of money searching for techniques and strategies to make them successful, but they forget that the most powerful tool is the most fundamental; it is simply feeling good.
You may say "it is easier said than done, how can I feel good if I am broke?" If that is how you think, here is my answer to you... There are only two kinds of feeling we experience every day. One is feeling good, and one is feeling bad. (Like Abrahm-Hicks teaches.)

Good feelings send a powerful signal to the universe, and through the law of attraction, you will attract people, circumstances and events to match your state of feeling good. Bad feelings also send a powerful signal to the universe to bring back people, circumstances and events to match your state of feeling bad.

Have you seen that?

Feelings are the causes, conditions are the effects.

You cannot get away from being broke if you are feeling bad. You only reinforce the cause.
So begin to feel good one way or another, no matter what conditions you are in.

At the moment you choose to feel good, amazing things will happen.

If you don't believe me, try it. You have nothing to lose.

Song Chengxiang is the author of popular online ebooks "Rapid Manifestation" and "The Lost secrets of Manifestation". His words have helped thousands of people greatly change the quality of their lives and manifest their true desires easily and effortlessly. He has recently developed a powerful mind programming system- Quantum Mind Power, with a top brainwave entrainment Engineer Morry Zelcovitch. Check out this amazing new system


Law-Of-Attraction-Rules said...

There's a great game from one of the Abraham books where you get to spend money every day. Each day you get $1,000 more and you have to spend that money (in a virtual fashion) by writing down what you would buy. I've done this for days, but found that after the first week, I enjoyed it the most when I spent 'virtual' money on others. It's a great game for raising prosperity consciousness.


Prosperity-Coach said...

Dear LOA rules,

Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

I really appreciate people like you who are interested in putting these Law of Attraction rules into service


Dusko Savic said...

Hi Taylore

If this were so simple, than we should be just thinking us towards prosperity, money etc. But thinking is not sufficient, thoughts just go away without consequence, so there must be something else in play. From the astrological point of view, the planets concentrate energy unevenly throughout the horoscope, i.e. life, so simple wishing just isn't enough.

Feeling good -- well, yes, but you may wish you were feeling good when the car you are in are going 100 mph and are heading to the nearby wall. How will feeling good send the waves across the universe then, attract prosperity into you life and make you happy?

Articles like this always exaggerate one point and make you guilty for not behaving in that way. Is that motivational? Hardly. Which is why I always prefer using Reiki for manifestations, as it is a way of concentrating powerful energy that does not depend on our own feelings and states.

Prosperity-Coach said...

Dear Dusko Savic,

Thanks for your thoughts and visiting the prosperity and abundance blogger.

When a person feels guilty -- they are noticing what they do not have something ---- and that thought gives you "more of the same"

Manifesting your dreams is not easy, but it is possible.

It actually is a mechanical process! Just like the Law of Gravity is a mechanical process... the Law of Attraction is mechanical.

Now the problem arises when a person is not trained in this field. We offer training at our school. "Cosmopathic Success Seminar" is one of the 2-day courses we offer.

I'd be so happy to help you or anybody else learn this process.