Saturday, December 22, 2007

Creating Prosperity! Is Money Prosperity?

What does Prosperity mean to you?

Do you think that having prosperity means having plenty of money? Well, how much money is plenty?

Some might say that they want to win the lottery to feel prosperous. A few think that they have to be a millionaire in order to feel prosperous.

"Prosperity would be having enough money to travel when I want to." A prosperous person feels A SENSE OF FREEDOM. How much money does it take to feel free?

The sad fact of the money question is that most people do not experience true prosperity no matter how much money they have...

Is security the real feeling that we are seeking? Are we seeking an inner feeling-- and that is something that money can't buy?

How can one connect with the inner feeling of security?

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my crazy good life said...

I like your blog! Looks like you've been at it a while.

Prosperity to me? Living out the life I've created in my mind's eye will be prosperity to me.

Being involved in a loving relationship with my wife. Teaching my kids about success, proper mindset, happiness, etc. Receiving more money each month than is necessary to maintain my lifestyle. Taking exotic vacations. Oh wait . . . how about just being able to be grateful for what I have! That's it . . . being able to be grateful for the things I already have and thankful for the day I am currently living . . . that is prosperity to me.

God Bless

Prosperity-Coach said...

Dear "my crazy good life"

You are one of the GOOD crazy ones.

I like you and I appreciate you sharing your comments with all the readers!

May you have the inner feeling of Prosperity -- all the time and be able to share that wonderful feeling with others!

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