Friday, August 05, 2011

Kevin Trudeau starts GIN - Global Information Network

Do you want to make money? The Global Information Network (GIN) is a private, exclusive, members-only global association of individuals dedicated to achieving:

• Financial independence • Wealth creation • Dynamic health • Emotional well-being

The goal of GIN is to provide a safe haven where members can build mutually beneficial long-term relationships to help one another better achieve their respective goals, desires and dreams. GIN is a global group of like minded highly influential, affluent, and freedom-orientated people from various business, social and economic sectors. The belief is that this rare and unique ability to associate with people from around the world allows each member special advantages that they would not have as isolated individuals.

Members include highly accomplished leaders from a large variety of industrial, financial, social and political sectors. Many members have major professional accomplishments, academic accolades and worldwide reputations. Members share a desire to help other members share knowledge, connections, and expertise, and mentor those members who are serious about taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic health, and reaching high levels of overall emotional well-being.

The GIN membership list is confidential.

GIN provides its members with exclusive, confidential, never before released information regarding:

  • Commodities,
  • Worldwide Currencies
  • Offshore Banking
  • Asset Protection
  • Natural Remedies and
  • Cures for Illnesses
  • And much more
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Money Making Opportunities
  • Investing
  • Worldwide Real Estate Opportunities
  • Stocks, Bonds and Trading

All members of GIN are and will always remain anonymous to the general public. Membership is by invitation only.

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Anonymous said...

A question to Kevin Trudeau about recording the "Your Wish Is Your Command" - 14 life3 changing CD's

“Hi Kevin. I had a question I was hoping you could answer for me. It seems no one wants to address this, but I keep getting it from some prospects -- is the CD series ‘Your Wish Is Your Command’ a scam?

Why can’t you hear the people asking questions and throughout the program there are background sounds, like a police siren, dogs barking, horns honking, and at some point, an office phone rings. I’ve heard all that myself, but never had anyone I know mention it.

Have you had any issues with this? We’d greatly appreciate any info you can provide. Looking forward to Chicago!”

Here’s the answer to this… There is no magic here and there is no secret. I recorded the ‘Your Wish Is Your Command’ CD series in the Alps at a private chalet. I’ve said that from day one. In the private chalet, it was recorded in the summer. The windows were open. We don’t need air conditioning. Outside of the room, the windows are open. You can hear the dogs bark. You can hear the European siren that goes by at one point and you can hear one of the phones in the chalet go off, so it’s not a surprise that you hear those sounds.

Somebody says, “how come we can’t hear the people asking the questions?” When I recorded this live, I had people in the room and I set up the recording device with a block because I wanted to record the audio, not just for the people in the room, but to make a CD series.

Now, if I am in a room talking and a person in the back 50 feet away asks a question, it won’t be picked up by the microphone. That’s why you have to hand the person in the audience a microphone. Otherwise, it’s not recorded. So, that is why I would repeat the question. When the person was talking, I would not talk. That way after we recorded the entire live event, I would go into the studio and listen to it. We then edited it out and shortened the amount of time that I was waiting while a person was asking a question. Therefore, you don’t hear any noise at all during that period. We shortened it and edited all the noise out. That’s number one.

Number two, I then re-recorded some parts in the studio to make sure the flow of ‘Your Wish Is Your Command’ was perfect for the in-home listener.

So, the fact that you are hearing noises outside, like the siren and the dogs, is because we were in a room in a chalet in the Alps in Europe and that’s what the noises were outside. The reason you don’t hear the questions are threefold; number one, the person wasn’t handed a mic, number two, in the editing booth, I edited out any noise and shortened the amount of time that there was blank space, and number three, I also rerecorded some sections in the studio so that the material was all there.

So, if somebody says, "Is it a scam?" It really doesn’t matter where it was recorded. The fact is, when you go through it, is the material presented good? Personally, I think the material is excellent. The fact that I recorded it live as opposed to 100% in studio I think makes it even better. However, for those who’ve gone through it, you be the judge whether you like this or not. Right now it’s being called “The Think And Grow Rich” of our time.

I hope that answers your question. It was definitely a good question.

Yours in wealth…