Friday, August 28, 2009

Health, Wellness, Money, Relationships, Fun Can Be Yours

From the desk of Roi Halse:

Several years ago we discovered a component of the subconscious mind called

The Life Manager”.

Its whole purpose is to bring your desire to you and also to guide people who need to meet you so they can help you. It does this without judgment on its part.

In our workshop — Laser Reiki training — you learn how to have a 2 way communication with your Life Manager. It has operated 24 hrs./day all your life using your self–talk and random thoughts, fears, etc. as its orders.

Life can be more fulfilling and a lot more fun when you knowingly control the input to your Life Manager. Start getting what you want from life:, joy, health, happiness, wealth, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on wellness. It should be very much helpfull

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