Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Setting Your Goals for Prosperity

Here's a good set of Properity-Tips for Success -- by a facebook friend: Ryan Pinnick

1. Goals - I set and review goals regularly, ideally on a daily basis

2. Focus - I have at times done too much and made very slow progress in the things I was working on. I always ask myself, how is what I am doing moving me closer to my goals, and if it isn’t, then I don’t do it or I delegate it.

3. Gratitude - I am grateful and give thanks every morning and throughout the day for what I have. Because of practise, I have received even more.

4. Meditation - I am no guru and I can’t levitate but I do experience the fruits of meditation. Sitting up straight having quiet time not doing anything and focussing on my breathing on a daily basis allows inspiration, motivation, courage, strength and creativity to flow in to my life

5. Do what you love and love what you do - I make sure that what I am doing makes me feel good and I stop doing things that make me feel bad. This is relevant to work as well. I found that when I love my work I will do more of it and I become better at it and I get paid more.

6. Monitor your feelings - When doing anything like taking action, planning or thinking, I monitor how I feel and if I feel good, I know I am on the right path. If I feel bad, then I know that I not on the right path

7. Plan - ‘If you fail to plan you plan to fail’. I write out plans including detailed step by step actions including dates which will result in the outcome that I want. By following that series of actions I get to the outcome I want.

8. Perseverance - I never give up and therefore I will never fail. I will only fail if I stop.

9. Exercise - Health and exercise are vital to the quality of my life in all areas.

10. Fun - Having fun in life adds colour and purpose. I make sure I enjoy everything I do.


Thanks to Ryan!

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