Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to stop self-sabotage?

Self-sabotage is a major problem!

We know it is happening here and there... we see its muddy feet tracking through our lives.

You may have asked yourself: "How or why is this situation going wrong?"
"How could I be so stupid …the same thing is happening again?" etc.,

What is happening -- can it be measured?

The self-sabotage is happening in an area of your mind where conscious thinking has no access!
The cause is low or negative vibrational energy – negative memories, hidden beliefs, restlessness and fear stored in a mind area you can't normally access.

Its potential for self-sabotage can be measured by bio-energetic feedback.

Yes, the probability for self-sabotage can be instantly measured by universal testing called kinesiology – a form of muscle testing.

The bio-energetic assessment is based on information from the client's own subconscious mind. The subconscious and unconscious mind can have negative energy and be running on instinctive (and destructive) programs that kick in under certain circumstances. If that is happening, there is no logical reasoning or creative thinking taking place. Sabotage causes chaos in your life.

Can it be Corrected or fixed?

Yes, fortunately, we have a school where you can easily learn to correct this type of problem.

Case history:

I was working with a man we'll call: "Joey" to protect his true identity. Joey is already in his early fifties and but doesn't have steady work. He has a little money, but no savings to fall back on in case of emergencies. He has no insurance, no regular job, but he is good at several trades. He seems to have so-called "bad luck" with mechanical devices, vehicles and other equipment. He came to us seeking a mental clearing (energy healing) so he could work and start dating again. He had childhood issues with both his parents.

Before a healing can take place there needs to be an assessment of where he is vibrating energetically. (Note: If we are vibrating high in "chaos" and low in "harmony," our lives will be more chaotic than organized!)

On a scale of 1 to 10 the assessment for the potential of his life harmony was only a "3" while his dis-harmony was a "7". So
therefore, his life was quite dis-harmonious and chaotic.

Joey was attracting lots of troubles into his life.

In order for Joey to be healed, his mind (his mental computer) needed to let go of the hidden junk programs, causing chaos in his life.

This type of energy healing is like …defragging the computer!

Can self-sabotage be fixed? "Yes." It is easy to correct and the fix is permanent!

Some junk mind programs we all might have at a deep level are:

  • I don't feel I'm good enough
  • I don't approve of myself
  • I don't really love myself (I may not even like myself)
  • I seem to have bad luck, etc. (Life is always hard and difficult.)
  • I have to work hard for everything important to me

Solution to his problem:

I, as the practitioner, need to …delete the program called "bad feelings" from his childhood and replace them with powerful affirmations improving his self-confidence in a Laser Reiki matrix of healing energy. This energy is sent to the automatic portion of the mind that is normally beyond his control.

This is why just repeating affirmations over and over
doesn't work – they don't reach that deep, unconscious

Another assessment is taken to check the progress. The
bio-energetic feedback has proven that Joey now has hopeful beliefs and feelings
of being fully supported by the Universe. The Law of Attraction will now deliver
his dreams and desires.

Our Laser Reiki 4-day workshop is starting June 14-17 at the Reiki Ranch! This workshop is about changing your reality from struggle into one that is fully supported by the Universe. Learn to put the law of attraction into practical action. It is way beyond positive thinking, Visit the workshops and courses: http://www.laserreiki.com/order.html.

I could give you our simple step-by-step formula to make this type change but without the practical experience gained by practicing it under supervision would do you little good.

This short story outlines only one of the techniques you get to practice in Laser Reiki 4-day workshop.

Thanks for tuning in.... You might like to know that Joey now has a trucking job and is earning a great salary as of two weeks ago!

Love and Blessings,

Taylore and Roi

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