Friday, April 27, 2007

The Law of Attraction (The Secret)

The Law of Attraction is nothing more or less than ...our thoughts and beliefs in operation.

When we think a thought over and over and finally it becomes a solid belief. That's what "The Secret" is all about!

"Your wish is my command," says the Law of Attraction!

This solid belief becomes a building block in the consciousness. We will fight to uphold our beliefs! (Remember that beliefs can be changed. They are not locked in nor carved in stone. Change your belief from scarcity to abundance! Life will only get better!)

We collect other thoughts of the same vibration and pretty soon it shapes our reality.

It proves to us that YES! "Life is good!" "Money loves me!" "Money comes to me easily and frequently!"


It proves to us that YES! "Life is hard." "Hard times" are seen everywhere. We also see scarcity. The friends that we attract are based on our beliefs. They, too, are experiencing "hard times" and it is very frustrating while at the same time comforting to know that we are not alone. Misery loves company. Hard time friends get together, drink beer and talk about how bad it is.

When you put your attention on: "What is wrong with a situation," it is guaranteed to get even worse. How to reverse this process? Check out this Report at

When you take the road to success you may have to change friends.

Getting The Success You Want Is Only Easy…IF YOU KNOW HOW!

Natural law doesn't judge what you believe.

It just delivers. It delivers in accordance with the energy and vibration of your beliefs. For instance, if someone believes that they "don't deserve to have more money unless they work very hard," the Law of Attraction will insure that they don't get more.

If they believe that it's hard to succeed in any endeavor, the universe will make things hard for them to succeed.

This isn't punishment -- it simply corresponds to what we believe!

It doesn't seem to care what is in our best interests. The law of Attraction delivers our thoughts. That's "The Secret", the DVD but out by my friends and taken from ancient writings of masters of manifestation.

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You can be in control. If your beliefs aren't giving you fulfillment where you are in life, despite all of your programming, you still have the power to change it.

So let’s look at where you want to be and how to get there using the Law of Attraction.

Some Key Points to Prosperity And Wealth In Your Home Based Business
1. Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking.
2. Listen to your self-talk.
3. Do your thoughts and your self-talk support your dreams and goals? (Write down your goals.)
4. If your thoughts don’t support your goals—choose new thoughts.
5. Use your imagination to see your dreams completed...
6. Warring: What your attitude is on what you get. Think about "what you don't want" and that's what you'll get! (Sorry, but that's the Law of Attraction!)
When you follow these key points, attracting success becomes easier.

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